all colours

i was asked why i'm working with all colours of the spectrum and not just with blue representing water and green representing the mountains. the question came from a hongkong journalism student, understanding the title 垃圾山水. this is the name i've given to the land-art installations meaning trash-mountain-water in the sense of trash-landscape. to the natural elements of mountain= and water=水 i'm adding a third element, acutely recent and man-made: trash=垃圾
when painting i don't choose my colours, i paint with the colours i find on that particular beach. i paint with that which presents itself to me. you could almost say the colours find me rather than the other way around. and  ALL colours are present in the landscape:  from dark to light, from man-made to organic, from vibrant to dull, from alive to dead. the colour-wheel that i lay out is all-encompassing. there are no good or bad colours! 
i'm very humble in the presence of this all-encompassing concept seeing the smallness of my human judgements constantly criticizing this and that. my heart tells me it is much more than merely a mental concept. every time i'm connected to this all-encompassing energy i'm in awe: nature has no favourites, nature has no prejudices, nature is forever adjusting and nature always all-ways forgives. there is a yearning to learn these qualities, to find them inside myself, to be this. if we are not nature then what are we? do we still perceive ourselves as separate? these qualities are inside of us, too. it is time to go through our own inner rubbish and find those qualities that have been buried for so long. rather than learning this from the head i feel i have to be still enough, sensitive enough to see and acknowledge them inside my very being. they are longing to come out into the light and show their colours! ALL COLOURS!