encyclopedic works: a system of colours

squares of colour
which i paint earnestly, patiently, repeated
one of top of each other
colour coordinates in an intuitive grid

spontaneous at first
then more and more conscious
of the interdependance, the correlations and effects 
each colour has upon the other

constructs, towers, bridges
as if playing with building blocks 
different hues, tones and textures

my attempt to sort the infinite 


forever and ever and ever

'forever and ever and ever' is the manipulation of nature: i intricately carve plant leaves, cutting out single words or sentences. then i place the plant into a public space. the pain through cutting and the wounding is obvious as the plant is still alive and rooted in soil. the fragility of the plant contrasts with the sleek cityscape of concrete and steel, its presence with equanimity and hasty passersby, its vulnerability with man-made perfection. the beauty of this 'plantart' is too delicate to touch and too fleeting to preserve. it is a direct reference to the ephermerality of life, to the circles of life, which our modern day society so efficiently ignores.