Trash-Land-Art installation using 1000 shoes from the Ocean 
for Imagine Peace Festival 2015 

Here you can see an art-installation made from 1000 shoes washed ashore on beaches of South Lantau. In only 7 hours, 19 volunteers collected all of these shoes on three different shores. They originate from Mainland China as well as directly from Hong Kong. 
3 beaches + 19 volunteers + 7 hours = 1000 shoes! 
The lost shoes are not painted or changed in any other way: They are merely sorted by colour and arranged in a circle. Where are we going? //1000 Lost Soles is part of liina's trash-land-art series which she has been persuing since 2011. With her environmental installations liina hopes to create awareness to value more and waste less. These installations not only challenge our perception of art but also our behaviour as consumers and responsibility for nature.



Anything can be art.
Art can be anything.
You decide wether it is waste or value.
The power lies in your perception!
You decide wether to waste or to value.
The power lies in your action!


where are we going?

please be invited to 
19th & 20th Sept. 2015, Treasure Island, Pui O Beach, Lantau
        sketch for 'where are we going' installation for IMAGINE PEACE 2015
for this inspiring festival volunteers and i will create an outdoor installation made from 1000 shoes collected over the last four months on beaches of south lantau. set in the beautiful scenery of pui o wetlands and named 'where are we going?' or '1000 lost soles' this installation is part of my trash-land-art series which i have been persuing since 2011. 

the over-production and over-consumption of our throwaway-society has become out of hands:
3 beaches + 19 volunteers + 7 hours = 1000 shoes! 
we find human products not only in the vicinity of their owners, shops and homes, but thrown into the country-side, buried in the earth and floating in the sea. by colour coordinating and sorting these products i'm using the same method as the advertising: i'm making sh*t look good! yet i'm not trying to sell you anything. i want you to buy into the awareness to value more and waste less! trash-land-art not only challenges our perception of art but also our behaviour as consumers and reminds us of our responsibility for mother earth.

                                                                 rendering for 'where are we going' installation for IMAGINE PEACE 2015

apart from my installation there are great musicians, yoga teachers and fire spinners who all perform for you. there will be wholesome vegetarian food. there will be awesome workshops. there will be time and space to share. so if you like to experience the beauty of hongkong's countryside, listen to great life music, see art, make art, dance, sing and feel free then this is your festival! pack your tent and come to IMAGINE PEACE 2015! links for workshop schedule, line-up and tickets see below.

more information about IMAGINE PEACE 2015 can be found here: www.facebook.com/ImaginePeaceHK

looking forward to seeing you there!