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I'm proud to be part of MicroGalleries 2015: From 8 – 24 May, in Nowra, Australia with over 40 stunning artists from the Shoalhaven, wider Australia and from around the world!

The title of the work you see above is called 'involuntary pairs'. These photos are my contribution to MicroGalleries in Nowra, Australia this year. I've been collecting these pairs since 2013.  
Every object has been lost at sea and found on a beach in Asia. The matching in pairs follows the principle of sameness meaning the human perception recognizes them as same. Yet their inherent qualities couldn't be more different: while one originates from nature the other one is a product of human imagination and manufacturing. What starts as an innocent visual comparison has fatal consequences for wildlife, humans and nature as a whole. Latest research from 2014 estimates that more than five trillion pieces of plastic weighing 269,000 tons have accumulated in the world oceans. Plastic brakes down to the nano size particles, is eaten by plankton, small fish, bigger fish and humans at the end of the food chain. What you see here is a small excerpt of a huge ecological catastrophe. 

MicroGalleries is going to work with Nowra to prove how a community can re-frame how they view their environment and their cultural offering to the local community and the world, as well as demonstrate that everyone can appreciate and enjoy art if they are provided the opportunity to do so – Nowra is gonna prove our theory.
Pop-up space, symposiums, performance installations, sounds drops, new interdisciplinary work, walls upon walls of pastings and a couple of cheeky pot hole gardens and Nowra will never be the same again! Schedule is here: microgalleries.org/events/nowra-australia-baby/
Sign up for one of seven free tours led by performance artists, join us in the pop-up arts space or just grab a map and meander through town. It’s all free and when you’re done there’s plenty of awesome local coffee, shops and a gazillion Op-Shops to sink your teeth into!

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