last weekend for lost'n'found at stanley!

lost'n'found opens its colours for the last time this weekend, 3rd & 4th of may at the waterfront promenade in stanley. i will be there saturday and sunday from 11am - 5pm to sign your personal piece of lost'n'found. it would be lovely to see you there...

 published in the column 《優哉游Joy by "Joyce Yau" in the feature page of Sing Tao Daily 星島日報 on Apr. 19th 2014
here is a little read from sing tao daily 星島日報, published last week (translation might be a bit awkward, but hopefully better than google translate)

Stanley is a great place to visit during your holidays: Families with their kids and dogs stroll around and the atmosphere is warm and relaxed.
Stanley Promenade has always been a good place to display art. Currently Ocean Art Walk is showcased along the promenade, an extremely attractive exhibition.
The six installations are outstanding in terms of their visual and conceptual message.  When I approached the exhibition space, the first installation that caught my eye was the “garbage booth”. At first glance it looks like some beautifully decorated hawker stall. Paying closer attention to details, I discovered that these pretty decorations are plastic slippers, old toys and flattened plastic bottles, each labeled with a price tag saying "awareness” or “responsibility”. German artist Liina Klauss passionately shares her concept to raise awareness about pollution of our oceans, about non-degradable plastic waste, about reflecting upon our modern-day lifestyle and habits and their impact on mother nature.
Living on Lantau Island, Liina loves nature and has never averted her eyes from the massive loads of rubbish washed ashore.  She "curates" the beach and turns waste into art. For this current installation she first cleaned all the rubbish she collected, then organized it into a colour sequence, and finally put it into a traditional hawker stall. The audience is first captured by the colourful appearance and only later realizes the sad message behind her work. By singing your promise to love the ocean you may take a piece of the installation home, complete with the signature of the artist.
Other artists use old plastic bottles, CDs and plastic objects to make art installations.  Visitors capture all these in their lens, appreciating and reflecting upon the artists different methods of transferring an environmental messages. I hope that everyone will take home some food for thought about our oceans and our daily life connection to it.
On that opening day I also enjoyed young dancers under the guide of HK Youth Arts Foundation, expressing endangered ocean life through dance and choreography. So with the Easter Holiday ahead, please take the time to enjoy the art installations and performances at Stanley and don’t forget to make an effort to save our beautiful ocean!


lost'n'found / 垃圾排檔

lost'n'found / 垃圾排檔 at stanley plaza, hongkong, 2014
lost'n'found / 垃圾排檔 (detail) at stanley plaza, hongkong, 2014 

interactivity between visitors and waste. at lost'n'found / 垃圾排檔 hongkong, 2014 


ocean art walk opens today!

ocean art walk opens today!
please drop by in stanley anytime between 11:00-16:00

if you still need more convincing here is an interview on radio3 rthk that was on air last tuesday (listen from 48:oo mins.)

dates: 12 april – 4 may
the artist will be present on the opening weekend and on 3./4.may
venue: stanley plaza
free dance performances: 13, 19 and 20 april (12pm, 2pm and 4pm)
free guided tours: 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 April, 3, 4 may (11am, 1pm), pre-registration required at yan@hkyaf.com
enquiries: 2877 2779