'rosine' - back to basics

i have a room of my own now. it makes such a huge difference. it's so good. it's a space to be undisturbed, a space to think in ways i can't do at home (no mommy thoughts), a space to expand, to be quiet... to be loud, a space for expression. it's freedom. the freedom to let it come. whatever wants to come.

the first thing to come back is rosine. without digital revision this time. so i'm back to the basics: paper, pencils, ink and water colours. no photoshop, no fb, even the reception for my mobile phone is bad. it couldn't be better! for the last two weeks i've been working on these five illustrations. they are going into the 'mostra degli illustratori" competition of the bologna children's book fair. for me working without digital tools basically means i don't have tools for correction. it's braver because everything counts. every line will just be the way i draw it. it's honest. the beauty about it is that so called 'mistakes' often make the most interesting pictures in the end. it's an amazing feeling. like i didn't do it, i was just the one to hold the pencil.