curating-the-beach with L.I.S.

the beauty of our countryside on lantau is breathtaking:
but then there's something where you can only hold your breath: the waste of our over-consumption washed ashore, swept down creeks and blown into remote corners of beaches where it gets trapped under branches, roots and behind rocks. once you see this with your own eyes you can't help but feel depressed. it is more shocking than all the words i write here. it will truly make you question the values of our consumerist society. 

and it will make you want to act! so this is what we did today: more than 60 students from lantau international school plus teachers and volunteers came down to this remote beach on lantau and helped to clean it up. there were a lot of red cheeks, sweaty foreheads and proud smiles! and i have to admit that the incredibly enthusiastic spirit of these young people gives me so much hope! thank you all for coming down and getting your hands dirty and your hearts filled with love for nature! 

here's a group picture of our environmental-art-activists proudly posing with their findings (it's high resolution so feel free to download). a lot of the 'treasures' we found today will go into the installation 'lost'n'found', which will be exhibited at stanley promenade in connection with ocean art walk 2014 (12.april  to 04.may). stay posted to this blog (by following by email on the right) for more updates.

and here is our before-and-after shot .... can't help but to feel proud!

there are a couple of more pictures on facebook.com/artofliinaklauss for you to check out. and again, my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who came, cleaned, curated and made lantau a better place!

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