an installation for ocean art walk 2014

this year ocean art walk is in its second year here in hong kong and will be held at stanley promenade from 12th april to 4th may. the event initiated by ocean recovery alliance and hk youth art foundation raises awareness for our oceans through visual arts and performance arts. the art walk features sculptures and installations, a photography collection and a series of dance performances.

this is what i'll be contributing: an installation called 'lost'n'found' or '垃圾排檔', literally meaning 'waste hawker stall'. the stall is filled entirely with waste washed ashore and collected on hong kong beaches. from afar this stall will look attractive. coming closer you will notice that the objects 'for sale' are actually broken toys, twigs, old shoes, leaves, plastic bottles etc. the entire stall and its contents is made from found objects and reclaimed materials.
take a closer look: each of the found objects is labeled with a price tag, which does not state a number in dollars but a mental state, e.g. 'awareness' 'responsibility' or 'wonder'. to ‘buy’ these objects, visitors will be asked to offer their own definitions of these concepts. 

i'll be present at the stall on the first and last weekend (12./13.april, 3./4.may, 11:oo-16:oo). please come along during these days to acquire your very own piece of 'lost'n'found', complete with the signature of the artist.
looking forward to seeing you there:)

all events are free, with guided tours offered on saturdays and sundays at 11am and 1pm.
dance performances will take place on 12 april at 2.30pm and on 13, 19 and 20 april at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.
registration is required for tours: 2877 2779 / yan@hkyaf.com
for more info please visit hkyaf.com/projects/VA/2014/OceanArtWalk2014/eng/
and hkyaf.com/projects/VA/2014/OAW2014danceNtour/eng/

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