"I am as much a painter as I am an environmental activist. Being on a beach not only means seeing waste, but also means seeing color. Broken Dreams No.1 consists of 518 broken down pieces, man-made and natural side by side. These pieces are color coordinated and combined to make a bigger whole. It is the conflict between a single piece of waste, perceived as ugly, and the sum of color, perceived as being the opposite, as being beautiful which fascinates me. Logic can not understand this contradiction in perception and value: Is it still waste? When does it start to be beautiful? Is it worthy now? Hasn't it been worthy all along? A lot of questions that need answers … a lot of questions that we have the answer to if we see the bigger picture."

This picture shows details of the print. For whole image see blog entry 'broken dreams no.1' 

"Broken Dreams No.1", 2013
Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm (image size) 60 x 80 cm (paper size)
Medium: numbered pigment print in a limited edition of 20
hand-signed with original chop, unframed 

$280.00 USD
Price does not include shipping costs. 
Printed on heavy, archival Hahnemühle bamboo paper (290gsm) with pigment inks that produce vivid color with strong precision and detail. The inks are both water & UV resistant.

Purchasing Info:  50% of net proceeds from the sale of these prints will be donated to Plastic Free Seas (http://plasticfreeseas.org) as part of projectvortex.org

If interested please email liinaklauss@gmail.com

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