two installations for microgalleries in wanchai from 13.-15.12.2013

IT'S HAPPENING! here is a small preview ... come and see the whole installation tonight!

i'm so excited to be part of microgalleries this year! 
there's a whole lot of local and international street art to discover at this event in wanchai and i can't wait myself to see all the works! i'm setting up two site-specific installations (see map) called 'forever and ever and ever' and 'waste water / 垃圾水'. but i won't talk a lot about it here. come and see with your own eyes! for more details and map download click on the link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/182655215270963/?directed_target_id=0
and while you get all excited about it, pick up a bottle cap or two on the way to add to 'waste water / 垃圾水' on hillside terrasse! looking forward to seeing you:)

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