the hongkong air is extremely polluted the past couple of days. my daughter has developed a slight form of asthma because of it. it makes me cry.
i see, smell, touch, taste, hear and feel the world around me. 
i am not happy for my children, for myself or for anyone, to breath in polluted air, to swim in an ocean of plastic, to walk on concreted soil. i am not happy to see the earth filled up with indigestible waste. i am not happy to feed my children toxic food. i am not happy to be part of the destruction. 
yet it is our choice. we made the choice to live this way.
we gave velocity & mobility priority over slowness and quiet. convenience over simplicity. cleanliness over soil and sweat. safety over adventure. concepts over spontaneity. 
we planed, designed, calculated, manufactured and created this future we're living in now.
it is still our choice, every single moment we have the choice.
a pilot friend of mine told me in his 15-years career he's seen beijing for the first time from above. literally. seen the city. for once there was no smog. the reason was 'golden week', a nation wide holiday when all factories are shut down for a continuous period of 7 days.
the change is always here and now! in fact it can only be here and now.
walk barefoot. drink from a mountain stream. eat fresh fruits from a tree. let nature feed you. close your eyes and look into the sun. see the colours. smell the grass. feel the wind.
blaming others is not the answer. blaming yourself is not the answer. both are destructive and wasting creative energy. 
i don't want to make a grouchy face like in this photo anymore !
we are capable of so much more.
we are and only we can be the solution.
any place. 
any person. 

all change starts within.


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