chinese landscape 垃圾山水 for kids ocean day 2013

i was honored to be invited to kids ocean day 2013, organized by ocean recovery alliance in hong kong (www.oceanrecov.org). it was a highly energetic and busy day, with over 800 children and 200 volunteers participating to form a picture of a shark with the words 'respect' and 'ocean' on repulse bay beach. here is a time-lapse of the day: http://youtu.be/9NcGovm_4y0. those children who found time to come by my waste mandala were fascinated, appalled, eager to help and keen to ask questions. here are some of the things they said: "who put this toothbrush on the beach?" "this looks so precious!" "can i add my plastic wrapper?" "i don't want to touch the rubbish" "can i touch?" "beautiful!" "so much waste!" it was a wonderful day of exchanging ideas, passions and creativity. thanks to everyone who put their effort, time, colour and heart in!


  1. Hi Lina, Doug Woodring introduced me to your beautiful work with plastic ocean debris. I am an artist based in NY and have started a not for profit collective of sorts of artists/designers & architects around the world who are intercepting the plastic waste stream as a part of their work. My site is: www.aurorarobson.com and the site for my not for profit is www.projectvortex.org. I would love to feature you and your work on the PV site if that might be something you'd be interested in. Please let me know if you'd like to learn more about it.

    Regardless, your work is lovely and I am so glad to have discovered it.

    Kindest regards,

  2. dear aurora. your work is beautiful, appalling, touching and meaningful all at the same time. thank you for putting it our there! and well done for finding me:)
    your projectvortex.org seems a wonderful platform for our creative minds who work with the leftovers of the consumerist society. please count me in:)
    looking forward to hearing from you and sharing our passion.
    here is my email address: liinaklauss@gmail.com

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