what you touch touches you

'pretty' seems to be the one big excuse of our consumerist society. it looks 'pretty' so it can't be bad, can it? the moral compass stops right there at the surface. let it be the wrapper of a candy, the design of a flip-flop, the colour of a lip stick... no one seems to ask where it comes from, how toxic the production is, who manufactures it, where the waste goes... hundreds of questions no one is able to answer, and only very few are actually asking. all of this ignorance in the name of 'pretty'. we are aesteticizing morals, keeping them on the surface. any questions that look deeper are consistently ignored. what are we doing??! 
as an artist i'm also aestheticizing. i'm aestheticizing rubbish. it's a language people do understand. but the message is not a pretty one: we're all in this together - doers as well as victims. isn't it time for us, the doers to at least be aware of our deeds? 

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