a sketchbook for the brooklyn art library

i decided to take part in the 'sketchbookproject of the brooklyn art library'. it is a wonderful iniciative of a new york based company called 'art house' that organizes global art projects. it works like this: after registering you get a standardized sketch book which you can fill with whatever you like. after finishing your book you send it back to 'art house', where it will get catalogued into the 'brooklyn art library'. so instead of your book getting dusty on a shelf at home, it is now available to whoever wants to look at it at the library. imagine going to that library of only ORIGINALS! wow - every city should have a library like this ...  www.sketchbookproject.com/library/13588

here are a couple of pages of my sketchbook: this is an almanac of colors collected on the road of my life between dec2012 and jan2013. the colors i found are so small and arbitrary that you may not notice them in everyday life: a piece of ribbon, a petal, a dry leaf... it is their randomness that intrigues me. it may be fate or futility: any way, now their arbitrary stories get woven together into a string of color. and in a way they make sense now.  

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