'my cards' for Xmas

this is a card my daughter lucia created. i added cicada wings to the angel. then lucia added some more snow flakes. and in the end she did this fabulous logo on the back of the card. within a minute... not even!

christmas season already starts early november for me, when i begin drawing new christmas cards: i love to collect leaves and insect wings, seeds, even stones. they are most inspiring to me. there's so much beauty in the shapes and forms of nature. if there is such a thing as perfect beauty, this is it.

these are the guide lines after which i create my cards:

---> individually hand printed 
---> in hongkong
---> on recycled paper
---> limited editions of 50 pieces

this way each card is an original! 

because they're all printed by hand, each card differs from the next card. so poke around the prints to see which colour, texture and position of the print you like best! to make sure your card is truly special, there's a limited edition of 50 pieces per design. 

i hope you enjoy writing my cards as much as i enjoy creating them:)

thanks to everyone who have bought my cards - it is such an honour every time! i find it so special that these cards will be send to people you love into the whole world... 

this collection of framed prints is available at 'justGREEN', an organic convenient store on lamma. it is such a nice shop full of light and with a little terrace facing the harbour. the perfect spot to have tea or coffee! 

have a wonderful holiday everyone! 
frohe weihnachten!

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  1. Beautiful Liina! So nice to have a look around your blog too. Merry Christmas to your family from ours. X