'my cards' - time

this is a book my great grandmother else wenz-vietor illustrated almost 100 years ago. it is a famous children's story called "der kleine haewelmann" by theodor storm. a boy called little haewelmann uses his night gown as a sail to drive through the night and ends up in the sky with the wise old moon. every time i look at the book i'm astonished how little haewelmann looks so similar to my children!  
these two cards are for the arrival of a newborn baby. they are a homage to my great grandmother. i used the same requisites: chubby baby, big fluffy duvet, watercolours and ink (else preferred a sepia tone though).it's so humbling how the past and the future connect in this big circle of time.

this is my favourite page of else's illustrations: "shine old moon, shine for me!" the boy cried. and they drove out of the forest and over the fields until the end of the world, and from there directly into the sky....

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