'rosine' - scibble'n'scrawl

this is the story board for my children's book 'rosine - a story about being different'. i find it is actually much like doing a story board for a moving image.
these are sketches of a bauhinia tree, the most famous tree here in hongkong. each money coin has this beautiful blossom moulded onto one side.
from pencil sketch to final picture in watercolour, ink pen, black thread and a little help from photoshop.
a creeper on a rock and rosine's favourite doll. the symmetry of this plant never ceases to fascinate me.
all of the above are trials for the character rosine: in pencil, in water colour and felttip pen with lots of thread for various hairstyles! and last but not least my daughter's interpretation of 'rosine': i so admire the siplicity of a child's drawing and all the happiness it captures! 


  1. wow liina that's so so cute and amazing !!!!

    suesse Rosine!

    big kiss

  2. lovely rosine! i'm all for curly haired heroes! but the flower sketch inspires me to ask your help with a tattoo design! let's talk:)